Ready to be adopted

Meet Ziggy who is ready to be adopted.

ZIGGY is a 9 year old ex-racehorse who sadly has sustained ligament damage in one of his hind legs. Whilst the injury does not appear to bother Ziggy, his walk does look a little odd as occasionally he flicks out his hind leg.
ZIGGY is an incredible horse, he is one of those souls you just can’t get enough of; he is healing for all around him. It will be a very lucky person who adopts this boy.

“When Lisa and I pulled up with the float ZIGGY came straight up to the fence and started ‘talking’ to us. It was as though he was saying, “Hurray! You are finally here. Come on then, let’s get this party started!” I cried with his owner, who was doing the right thing by surrendering him, and we brought him home to EAQ.” – Di

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THANKS for your well wishes.
ZIGGY is going to be ok.

Dr Judy from Samford Valley Veterinary Hospital came today to change ZIGGY’S bandage and assess his future.
She was so positive and amazing and quickly said ‘yep, we chop … Read More

ZIGGY accident.

Yesterday evening ZIGGY managed to do himself quite a horrific injury to his front off-side hoof.
The vet was called and after much cleaning, padding and wrapping…ZIGGY was ready to be put into a small holding yard.
He has done a … Read More

ZIGGY is going to be assisting young Flynn with some equine therapy.

Flynn,  is in need of a calming influence and a confidence booster in regards to life in general.

We are sure that time spent with ZIGGY can help to facilitate this for Flynn.

ZIGGY can look forward to lots of brushing … Read More

A ZIGGY Update- June 2015.
The big boy was lucky enough to see Naomi O’Brien from Inline Equine for a Equissage yesterday. Naomi found some sore spots and worked on them for ZIGGY. He showed his appreciative, at the end, with a big buck and a good roll. Thanks Naomi.
ZIGGY then … Read More

ZIGGY has had an unfortunate reaction to paralysis ticks this week and his entire hind leg has become very sore and swollen. ZIGGY already has ligament damage in this leg so this makes walking an even bigger challenge for him. The last thing this sweet boy needed was more stress … Read More

12.05.14 – ZIGGY is now fostering with the lovely PERCY. Due to his ongoing condition we feel that he will do better on a flat paddock. The Walduck family are thrilled to have him on the property

ZIGGY loved his Equissage session with Naomi O’Brien today. Thanks again to Naomi for volunteering her time and amazing knowledge and skills to help our ZIGGY. He is such a good boy and has come so far. He can now not only allow Naomi to use the equissage saddle-pad but … Read More

This gorgeous gelding is truely the kindest soul on the planet. ZIGGY is making amazing progress. He has come from being a horse who was reluctant to even walk on a lead, due to his hind leg issue, to now confidentially gallop up to see us when called. The old … Read More