Hi! I’m Play, I am adopted.

EAQ Would like to welcome their first horse……

PLAY is a Thoroughbred who finished his racing career about 3 years ago, he is 7 years old now and my goodness he is a gorgeous boy! As we all know, not many TB’s get a second chance after their racing career is over….lucky for PLAY that EAQ supporters have made his journey to us and to a bright future ahead; it’s a horsey dream come true.

Meet the other horses in EAQ care

Play from care to adoption.


PLAY was our first horse through the doors here at EAQ.
He came to us as a Rig and in need of surgery, quite a big leap for us considering he was our first horse!
He was adopted locally ( November … Read More

It is PLAY boy’s last morning with us at EAQ.
He is heading to his new home today.
PLAY and Percy have decided to have one last graze in the house paddock together this morning.

We are all very excited to see PLAY begin … Read More

We have exciting PLAY boy news.

Our gorgeous PLAY boy has found his new home.

PLAY will be retired with a local Samford family.
He will enjoy a calm and relaxing life with his horse friend Linx.

EAQ and of course PLAY would really like to extend a huge thanks to all … Read More

Our PLAY boy is ready to find his new adopted home.

PLAY boy is looking for a special person to bond with…he loves people and needs that one person who will be HIS person.

This horse is awe inspiring to be around.. … Read More

Slade and Joe from the Old Mill Vet Surgery came to give Play and Prince their first Hendra vaccinations today and Prince has also benefited from Slade’s fantastic dentistry skills.

Just to really make EAQ’s day, Slade and … Read More

Our wonderful farrier visited us today.
Thanks Sue.

The next step in  Plays rehabilitation is to see how he goes with a paddock companion.  As he was a rig he has always been kept in his own paddock.  Today Play moved paddocks to be with Percy and we are pleased to report they are getting along very well…. Read More

Just to give you all an update on our Play boy….. Due to Shannon’s wonderful care, Play is getting back on his hooves brilliantly. The swelling in his chest has nearly gone, he is eating like the proverbial horse, moving less … Read More

An update on PLAY boy.

Play was recovering well until Monday….
We noticed that his chest was very swollen and hot and that he was sad and slow.
It was diagnosed as being a reaction to the penicillin injection. Poor boy was really not himself and his chest was huge.
He is being … Read More

Our PLAY boy is home after his surgery and long sleep-over at Old Mill Vet Surgery.
Wow they were so VERY generous to us, they did his teeth and cleaned the “nether” regions ( which I never enjoy doing) for … Read More


So PLAY has had his surgery and it was a success:)

That mysterious testicle was located..way up in the abdomen….OUCH.
The vets were ” flying by the seat of their pants” to try … Read More


Equine Action Qld would like to introduce our first horse.

PLAY is a Thoroughbred who finished his racing career about 3 years ago, he is 7 years old now and my goodness he is a gorgeous boy! As we all know, not … Read More