Ollie - Adopted.

OLAF (Ollie) the SNOWMAN – This little chap is about 20 years old and has served many children in their pursuit of riding. He is such a sweet sweet little man who is only about 9hh.

Little OLLIE’s health has been compromised but we are hopefull that it is not serious and we will have Ollie jolly in no time.

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Ollie over time

Thanks so much to his new owner ( our EAQ secretary) for loving him.
“Mr Ollie has settled in very well to his new home. He and little … Read More


Guess who headed off to his adopted forever home today?  Little OLLIE.  He has been adopted by our secretary and has a lovely new life with little Miss Jellybean…instant LOVE…for the both of them.

We … Read More

An Ollie & Fleur update

Ollie has been Fleur’s paddock companion since we said our sad goodbyes to SKY. They have taken a little while to warm to each other but it is lovely to see them now grazing and hanging out under the trees together. FLEUR is most definitely in … Read More

OLLIE is getting a Butt.
He has been in EAQ care for 7 weeks now and the change is fantastic.
Woohoo…..he is actually growing a butt.
Plus he has a spark in his eye and the cutest little trot ever – we are very excited!!!
Thanks again to Mitavite for sponsoring little … Read More

Dr Slade from Old Mill Vet Surgery came to give OLLIE some much needed dental attention, plus his Hendra vac.

Little OLLIE is doing so well that it was deemed safe for him to have his teeth attended to … Read More

OLLIE is making many new friends at his EAQ foster home.

Hopefully now that he is putting on weight nicely, we can address the issue of his teeth soon.


Ollie and Patch movie


OLLIE…. making friends with the old boy Percy today..

Today we opened up the gates and let OLLIE and the old boy Percy graze together.
This takes time, however Percy knows what to do better than we do:)

They have been getting to … Read More

An OLLIE update.

Little OLLIE is coming along in leaps and bounds, he has put on a significant amount of weight in just the 10 days that we have had him in care smile emoticon happy happy days.
His … Read More

OLLIE has a sponsor, the amazing Rachel from Mitavite has given our little fella a feed deal.
Mitavite will be sponsoring OLLIE’s feed and supplements plus montiroing his nutrition and progress for the next SIX MONTHS … Read More

OLLIE Update.

OLLIE had a visit from Dr Slade-  The Old Mill Veterinary Surgery today, to do a full health check. We needed to ascertain IF and how we could help OLLIE, what would be the best and kindest option for the little fella.

Dr Slade did a thorough health check on … Read More