Juke is ready for adoption

JUKE has returned to the EAQ herd through no fault of his own, we may add!! Sadly the people who adopted JUKE have had a change in family circumstances and have had to make the very difficult decision to surrender him back to us. This is our policy so we are always able to ensure the future of our horses. We thank Juke’s family for looking after him so well whilst he was in their care.

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Juke from care to adoption.

We picked JUKE up this morning following his convalescence at the Old Mill Vets in Dayboro.  JUKE is feeling much better now the infection in his lacerated heel is under control and with the ongoing help of his wonderful foster carer he will make a full recovery.

During his stay JUKE … Read More

Our JUKE is in hospital

Thanks to Joe from Old Mill Vet Surgery for this update and summary.

Juke was examined on the 23rd of March 2016 by the Equine Team for an … Read More

Our JUKE is back!

We welcome our old boy JUKE back into EAQ care.

JUKE was adopted out in January 2015 however, due to family circumstances JUKE has come back into our care.
He is sooooooo … Read More

A JUKE update.

JUKE was the quintessential gentleman when he was in our care.
Now adopted out to Sam & Leane he is continueing to blossum.

He is looking AMAZING, the old boy has the best of everything and is such a special member of Sam & Leane’s family.
EAQ would like to … Read More

Go JUKE Go..
Hmmm…we think that JUKE might just love his new life with our foster carer Kirstine.

Obviously Kirstine has done a fantastic job with JUKE’S eye issue as she has been giving him his eye drops…. six times a day!!!

Look at … Read More

JUKE is feeling much better already, his eye is healing well and there has been a massive difference in just 48 hours.

The Vets will visit again tomorrow to monitor his healing.

Poor JUKE has developed an eye ulcer.

Samford Vets were called today to attend to Juke who was in need of medical attention to a sore eye. It would seem Juke has developed an ulcer. Juke’s eyes have been a bit of an … Read More

Juke arrives into care. We need to thank so many people for his arrival including  Amanda Challen (pictured above) who drove for about 7 hours to collect him and the ever amazing Michelle Burns who paid for the petrol … Read More

As Juke’s paddock friend Rusher leaves for his new home today Juke will be moving to another carer.

At EAQ we believe that as horses are herd animals they should not be kept by themselves. As Rusher is leaving Juke would have been left on his own fortunately he will have … Read More

Today Juke was due for his second hendra vaccination, as always he was in Slade & Joe’s excellent hands.

Maja Stocker came out to trim Juke’s feet.  They have improved so much from when he first arrived in care.