Miss Fleur
Currently in care

Fleur - ready for adoption

Fleur came into care in February 2015 via the RSPCA. She has only ever been a brood mare and appears to be virtually unhandled. She is extremely weary of people and reluctant to have any human interaction. Despite being in her late teens, Fleur has not been taught the basics. She is in poor condition with bad rain scale and terrible feet. – we are certainly going to have our work cut out.

Read Fleur’s blog and share in her ups and downs as she progresses from a scared, very nervous horse to a calm, relaxed soul who is opening up and embracing human interaction.

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Fleur over time

We wish we had an action photo to prove this but sadly we completely forgot to take one! Fleur had her feet trimmed today by the fabulous Maja and she just stood there, very quietly, as though having her feet trimmed … Read More

A lovely lady got in contact recently with information about our Fleur. It seems that the beautiful Fleur is a little bit special!! She is 87.5% Crabbet Arab and her full name is Riversdown Petit Fleur. What is a coincidence is … Read More

Our beautiful Fleur has come such a long way  on her journey of learning to trust people. It has been a timely journey for Fleur, a journey that has not been able to be rushed. We have had her in … Read More

It has been a while since we updated you with news of Fleur but that doesn’t mean Fleur hasn’t been very busy learning that interacting with people doesn’t have to be scary.  We have been focusing a lot on handling her … Read More


At EAQ we are so thrilled with Fleur’s progress. She has built up enough trust in us humans to accept some of our  strange ways including wrapping her up in a … Read More

A FLEUR update.
As part of FLEUR’S ongoing training we are beginning to introduce new people into her life.
FLEUR is still very nervous of anything or anyone new. We may have got over the hurdle of handling and picking up her feet but if someone she doesn’t know tries, she immediately … Read More

An Ollie & Fleur update

Ollie has been Fleur’s paddock companion since we said our sad goodbyes to SKY. They have taken a little while to warm to each other but it is lovely to see them now grazing and hanging out under the trees together. FLEUR is most definitely in … Read More

We are so proud of Miss Fleur….finally we can pick up and handle all 4 of Fleur’s feet. Ever since Fleur has been with us she has had some serious issues … Read More

Last week the beautiful Fleur had a very big day, Slade came back to further his work on her teeth.  As a result of Fleur’s teeth being neglected for such along time they are severely compromised.   The great … Read More

The team at EAQ  have been continuing their work with Fleur and the exciting news of the month is that she has finally decided the hoof stand is not so scary after all.  This is great news as it is really … Read More

It has been a while since we updated you on beautiful Miss Fleur mainly because there is not too much that is new to tell.  We have been continuing getting her used to be handled by different people and she is responding really well to this.  Catching and grooming her … Read More

Tork Cowan the Chiropractor came to visit Fleur today to investigate her back leg “issue”.  It would seem that her reluctance to pick up those hind feet are more psychological than physical. Whilst she does have some evidence of muscle tears … Read More

Not much to report this week, lots of time has been spent walking around and touching Fleur’s back end. She appears to be fine with her tail and back legs being brushed but we still can’t pick them up. Very slow progress is being made with the right hind but … Read More

Over the last week things with Fleur have moved on really well. She is standing nice and quietly for her brush, I try and keep the routine the same so as not to add any surprises in to the mix which is important for a nervous horse like Fleur. She … Read More

Wooooohooooooooo!!!!!! Half way there!!!! Today I rasped Fleur’s front feet!!!!
Fleur has been gaining confidence lifting her  front feet so now it isn’t really a problem anymore. She stands nice and still but struggles a bit keeping her balance. Today just felt … Read More

Fleur finally seems to have forgive me for subjecting her to Slade’s visit even though the visit was with the best of intention and born out of necessity – we can get her halter back on! Up until yesterday she had reverted back to approaching from behind only and would … Read More

Fleur is still giving me the cold shoulder and this makes me feel very sad, I know it shouldn’t …it is after all her choice.  🙁

Yesterday was a big day for Fleur as she had her teeth done, got wormed and had a bit of a hoof trim. Although it was a necessary evil I did not feel good catching her, then handing her over for an experience that was not going to be pleasant. … Read More

Oh I could kick myself today!!! I am so mad at myself!!! I went out to the paddock with my mum who usually accompanies me as Sky needs lots of attention too and with mum brushing Sky it stops her muscling in on Fleur. Fleur and I have been going … Read More

The last few days have been so rewarding. Fleur has accepted having a halter put on. I started off by just putting it over her nose, taking it off, giving her a treat and walking away. Slowly over a period of days, I put it on, rewarded her and took … Read More

Today is Fleur’s 5th day of being here, and each day I have just been spending time in the paddock not really doing anything. I make a fuss of Sky who is always up for some love and cuddles and in order to make myself a little more attractive I’ve … Read More

There have been some significant changes since I last wrote this blog. We had a couple of weeks of rain so I didn’t get out to Fleur very much and then Megan’s house  sold which meant we had to move both Sky and Fleur. To make working with Fleur easier … Read More


Day 2.  With no agenda I went and sat in the paddock with Sky and Fleur for about an hour.  I made no attempt to interact with Fleur, I  tried to not even look at her… I do need to take a book with me next time though as I can’t help … Read More

19.03.15 – day 3

They say it is never about the horse, always the person! That is what I learnt today but I will come back to that later.   Fleur was certainly a lot more relaxed with  me loitering in her paddock.  She wasn’t keeping the big distance between us which … Read More

23.03.15 – Day 4

This morning I went over to Sky & Fleur’s paddock to give Sky a trim and build on my relationship with Fleur.  Whilst I was trimming, Fleur came up and stood in the stable behind me.  I have noticed that if Fleur does wander closer to me … Read More


Today is the first day of our journey together and I have to say I did have some vain hope that she would just stand there and let me trim her feet but it was not to be!!! Within 10 seconds it became obvious that trimming was not going to … Read More