Common Ailments

Below are some of the more common ailments that may effect your horse. Whist we do our best to bring you current and up to date information, it DOES NOT replace advise from your vet. If you are in any doubt regarding the health of your horse please contact you local vet immediately.

The Genetics of Insulin Resistance
Posted on April 11, 2017by Dr. Kellon

Insulin resistance [IR], which is a failure of insulin responsive cells to take up … Read More

Anatomy and Function

The skin is the largest organ in the body – it keeps the outside away from the insides! It is the interface between the body and the environment.

Protects the body from external injury
Prevents excess loss of water, electrolytes and other macromolecules
Regulates body temperature
Controls blood … Read More

Lamenting the condition!


Laminitis is a very serious, debilitating and extremely painful condition of the horse’s foot. It is the second biggest killer of horse after colic.

The condition has been long known about and is probably as old as the domestication of horses. There is no human medical … Read More



Big Head is not a new disease – it has been recognised in many species and called “animal osteomalacia” by Vegetius in 400AD. It is also called nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism or osteodystrophia fibrosa.

It was first described in horses in 1851 – … Read More


Laminitis has long been known as a crippling and depressing syndrome – Day and Sons in their book of “Every Day Farriery” in September 1885 describe laminitis as… “An extremely painful heated and inflamed condition of the foot”. The line drawing of a … Read More