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General Horse Care

On this page you will find various articles and answers to questions that you may have regarding good horse husbandry.

Condition Scoring and Weight Estimation of Horses

Patricia Ellis (Attwood)
September, 2000
How can I estimate my horse’s weight?
Body condition scoring is used extensively as an aid to management of sheep and cattle. Research in horses has shown that condition scoring provides a useful and objective method of monitoring body condition. Body … Read More

Do I need to rug my horse?

For domestic horses the answer is yes, no and maybe!

While it is true that wild and free living horses survive without rugs, they move more than their domestic counterparts and are able to find their … Read More

This very comprehensive guide has been taken from the website www.horsetalk.co.nz 

Whilst not based here in Australia it has some really interesting articles on lots of different subjects that are well worth reading.

Article link: http://horsetalk.co.nz/2013/01/08/caring-for-old-horses/#ixzz3zioPrUBf

Horses, like people, are living longer. And more horses than ever are living … Read More