EAQ Reference Library

Welcome to EAQ’s online reference library. For the next couple of years you are going to have to be a little bit patient with us as we endeavor to build this library for you.

The information contained in this library is aimed purely at the lay person as it is our dream to help horse owners provide the care that leads to optimal health and well-being for their horses. The information found here is simple, easy to understand and more importantly from reliable sources that have proven the efficacy of the information provided. We will where possible provide links to further reading should you want to dive into a particular topic in greater depth and further expand your understanding.
If there is a particularly topic that you feel would benefit horse owners as a whole then please get in contact.

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  • Vital Signs

    Temperature (Celsius)
    Pulse (Beats/min)
    Respiration (Breaths/min)
  • Adult

    37.8 - 38.5
    35 - 40
    8 - 12
  • Foal

    37.2 - 38.6
    80 - 130
    30 - 40
Paddock Management
Physical Health
Please note the information contained in this library does not replace veterinary assistance. While we have endeavored to ensure that the information is evidence-based and reliably sourced, you should always independently verify it before treating your horse. In particular, if your horse appears sick or in pain please contact you vet immediately.