Adopt one of our horses.

At EAQ we run an Adoption Program for the horses that come into our care. Whilst we love it when one of our horses finds a special forever home we would just like to take this opportunity to point out a couple of things.

We take great care when it comes to finding new homes for our horses as it is so vital for the well being and safety of both horse and human that the match is right. We are ultimately a horse welfare charity and when a horse gets to “charity” status it is generally believed to have no value. Many of our horses come to us in very poor condition and require a lot of physical healing. Most of the physical problems heal with time but what takes longer are the mental challenges that our horses have to overcome. Many of our horses have had to learn to trust us humans again but with lots of love and tlc from our dedicated foster carers they do get there in the end.

At EAQ all our horses are equal, no life is more important than another, they are our friends and companions, they owe us nothing and do not have to be “useful” for a specific purpose. It is therefore highly unlikely that you will find a good riding horse, or a child’s first pony here at EAQ. Very occasionally however, a caring owner will surrender their much loved horse in order to guarantee its future as their own circumstances have changed beyond their control. These horses generally have always been well looked after and may have a future in a particular discipline; please note though, these horses are the exception to the rule. In saying all of this there is nothing more rewarding than giving a horse the opportunity of a new and secure life, it is the greatest gift you can give a horse and they will repay 1000 times over if you allow them.

All our horses have an adoption fee which will be set by the Management Committee prior to the time of adoption and you must also agree to the terms and conditions set out in our adoption agreement. Please get in touch for more information or a copy of our adoption agreement.

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