Equine Action Queensland Inc.

We would like to enrich the lives of horses by promoting optimal equine well-being and raising awareness of equine welfare in all areas of our society. By sharing knowledge on positive behaviour we encourage people to educate themselves appropriately regarding horse well-being.

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Horse Care

Are you thinking of getting a horse? Here you will find information on the basics of horse care.



Horse Health

This is our on-line reference library to interesting and helpful articles on common health issues facing horses.

Please be advised that the organisation is currently taking a break to restructure and this may impact on usual activities.

Why EAQ?

Raising Awareness and Education

Equine Action Qld (EAQ) is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to positive welfare of equine in Australia. Acting locally but thinking globally, the EAQ network with individuals and enterprise in our communities to contribute towards improving the welfare standards for horses.

Assisting the community

Equine Action Qld (EAQ) interacts in our local communities by raising awareness and assisting with rehabilitation and rehoming horses, and educating people in positive equine interaction and horse welfare within domestic, sport and wild habitats and understandings.

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